Nurarihyon no Mago

colored page is big 1600px and has a textless version and also 2pages of kitsune/gitsune so that everyone is happy 🙂

the hardess  chapter to clean for me so far. due to akifusa and his weapon is so detailed >_<



8 Responses to “Nurarihyon no Mago”

  1. Brian Says:

    Looks cool :). But it looks like you forgot to burn some of the blacks.

  2. Kaidaten Says:

    wrong. the grundge details on the shadows are suppose to be like that. increasing the darkness will only make those detail smaller or erased. the raws has no damage on that page so im just preserving the details as what it is from the original.

  3. keiner Says:

    cant wait till u pub it^^

    *turns time machine on…..*
    damnit…. didnt work…
    now i’ve got to wait….

  4. keiner Says:

    damn now i’ve(well not only I guess) got to wait even longer

    hope u can finish it soon


  5. Kaidaten Says:

    i just finished cleaning all pages. only translation left.

  6. Digitalr Says:

    You’re a good cleaner but for crying out loud stop saving the pages in jpg… Save them in PNG (save for web 21colours) and the chapter will be 1/3 its current size while having better quality too as there’ll be no noise created, png is lossless and all that.

    Oh and .zip is the way to go, people are dumb and they don’t know what .rar is.

    Anyway thanks for the chapter.

  7. Kaidaten Says:

    i use to do PNG before when i started scanlating, i have a reason why i make it jpg, and my jpg format is kind of special. *thot i cant tell you why, its confidential*
    well if there are people who dont know rar then i’ll give em zip if they put up a request

  8. keiner Says:

    damn now i’ve got to pray u can finish 81
    cant wait to see what’l happen next….

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